About a decade ago I was tutoring a boy who didn’t want to read, so I started to write a story for him. I got hooked on writing and it is now part of my everyday life. Having completed an Open University course on writing; attended a course on writing children’s fiction with Book Bound; read the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook from cover to cover; set up a critique group for writers’; joined SCBWI_BI; and completed three novels, I am definitely a writer. But, is that the same as being an author? I somehow feel that you have to be published to qualify as an author. This blog will follow my progress as I aim to become an author.

A few months ago I revisited my first book. It was like meeting up with old friends. I quickly realized how much my writing had improved in the intervening years, but also how much I loved my first main character (a self-doubting Top Secret Gadget Inventor) and wanted a better story for him. Over the last few months I have completely rewritten IN GRAV(e)Y DANGER! (even changing it’s name to Gravy Danger!) Now there is a fantastically bonkers, wonderfully encouraging granny; an evil auntie and an alien in the mix. It has been an absolute joy, but a lot of hard work, to write it.

Last week I took a very deep breath and sent the first 10 pages to Cornerstones Literary Consultancy (http://cornerstones.co.uk/uk/) to see if I was as at stage when they could help me to take it to the next level. It was like sending one of my children off for an exam! Within a couple of days I had some fantastic feedback saying that I was a “talented writer” and that my “voice is perfectly-pitched to your audience”. I felt like I’d won the lottery.

I have been assigned a mentor, who will work with me for 12 hours to make the book as good as I can get it. So, yesterday I sent my complete manuscript off to her…gulp, gulp…and now have a nail-biting wait for feedback…


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